About Us

We are an Africa-focused investment manager serving sovereign, institutional, corporate, high net worth, and retail clients. We deliver considerable investment outperformance using a disciplined investment process, technology-driven automation, and a laser focus on clients’ investment requirements.

Our Wealth Services

Our ‘Intelligent Investing’ mantra and disciplined investment process continuously drive significant investment returns for our clients.

Pension Fund Management

As a leading pension fund manager, our clients include a number of blue chip companies in Ghana. Our approach is to continuously seek to invest in assets that match client payout liabilities to ensure that our clients’ obligations are comfortably met. We do this while consistently delivering portfolio returns that outperform industry benchmarks. We are authorized by the National Pension Regulatory Authority (NPRA) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to manage pension funds in Ghana.

Bespoke Wealth Management

We provide tailored investment management services to local pension funds, local corporates and institutions, high net worth individuals, and foreign institutions. Our high quality investment research and extensive market knowledge deliver superior returns and long term capital appreciation.